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Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication
Whether for structural purposes, decorative elements, or functional components within other products, many different industries rely on sheet metal fabrication. Let’s take a closer look at its variety of common use cases.
Kiosks, vending machines & enclosures 
Vending machines and kiosks bring in significant revenue for many customer-facing companies – for example, gyms and leisure centres. This is why care needs to be taken in their construction.
There are a large number of individual components needed to go into building these types of machines, which is why they require the application of sheet metal fabrication.
Construction & Security
The construction and security sectors use the application of sheet metal fabrication for products such as security doors, guard rails, security grills and bespoke security enclosures.
Creating appealing visual merchandise, as well as product displays, in the retail sector requires sheet metal fabrication.
Sheet metal fabrication can help create a wide range of retail display units for different retail clients, retail spaces and shop displays. For example, bar displays, retail display cubes, portable displays and point-of-sale stands. These products need to be eye-catching and highly functional.
Science, medical & food
Particularly the scientific, medical and food industries utilise sheet metal fabrication to create products found in commercial and industrial kitchens such as worktop surfaces, storage units, and sinks.
Stainless steel tends to be the material of choice for many applications in the food production and preparation industries.
The transportation sector uses thousands of different products made using metal fabrication. For example, emergency vehicles rely on sheet metal fabrication for the construction of products such as glove-box enclosures, side steps, door-handle mounts, and steel surrounds for tail-lift doors.
Sheet metal fabrication is an excellent method for creating parts both large and small that can go into vehicle construction. On top of that, safety rails on building sites, ladder hatch trap doors, and stair-safe products are constructed through sheet metal fabrication.


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