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Outdoor Home Package Stainless Steel Metal Large Smart Parcel Delivery Drop Post Mail Letter Box

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Parcel Box Parcel Box




Box size: 380 x 380 x 900 mm

Max parcel: 330 x 280 x 210 mm

Carton size: 470x470x980 mm

Loading quantity

20GP: 96 pcs / 40HC: 250 pcs

Constructed From

Galvanised steel with a rust resistant powder coating


Dark gray, Light gray, black, white or customized


Key lock or code lock


Front door only


Comes with standard bolts for floor and wall attachment


Wall, Fence & Gate


Manufacturer's warranty of 1 year


Free standing

Parcel Box

Which couriers can deliver to the Smart Parcel Box
All popular couriers use hand held scanners which are suitable to make deliveries to the Smart Parcel Box.
Can the Smart Parcel Box accept letters?
Yes. All Smart Parcel Boxes accept letters.
Is it completely weather proof?
The product is designed to be installed outdoors, it is manufactured from galvanised steel and powder coated. Please note that it is water resistant but not water tight, so parcels must be removed regularly.
What is the product warranty?
The product has a warranty for any manufacturing faults for a period of one year from the date of delivery. This does not however cover any damages caused during installation or general wear and tear.
What makes the Smart Parcel Box secure?
The Smart Parcel Box is manufactured from high grade galvanised steel. It is engineered with an anti-fishing bar, so that nobody can access or tamper with the parcels that are stored in the storage compartment.

Your Smart Parcel Box also features a secure key lock or combination lock (depending on your SPB version).

Parcel Box

Parcel Box

Parcel Box


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