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Product Presentation
CNCT is a certified and experienced manufacturer specializing in medium to high-volume heavy gauge structural weldments. Our expertise includes MIG and TIG welding for plate, sheet, and tube materials, utilizing highly automated robotic systems and manual procedures.
Our welders and automated systems adhere to established weld procedure specifications (WPS) and are certified to meet American Weld Society (AWS) and American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) codes, standards, and procedures, including AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI).
CNCT has obtained welding certifications from the China Classification Society and Australian AS1554.1, and is currently in the process of acquiring the Canadian CWB welding certification.
Production Advantage
1.CNCT operates various automated robotic welding systems with integrated material handling and fixtures, including synchronized multiple weld-head systems for high-volume throughput, torch head touch sensing technology, automatic fixture clamping and positioning, CNC-programmed articulating and rotating fixtures, and overhead crane positioning and handling systems.
2. At CNCT, weld procedures routinely undergo non-destructive testing, including visual inspection, liquid dye penetrant, radiographic and digital x-ray, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing. Additionally, destructive testing methods such as Macro-Etch, Micro-Etch, tension, bend, pull, nugget break, and mechanical testing are employed to meet project quality management plan requirements.
3. CNCT has obtained welding certifications from various countries to meet welding requirements worldwide.
Custom Case Base
Product name: equipment sealed tank.
Material: stainless steel 316.
Process: automatic welding process.
Functional requirements: Pass the seal pressure test.

Managing Director
“We have had a relationship with CNCT for over 5 years and it has changed and evolved where now they are handling most of our technology for us. We think CNCT would be an excellent partner for metal fabrication.”
Product name: Roadblock equipment parts
Material: Q235
Process: automatic welding process.
Surface treatment: sandblasting + spray paint (3 layers)
Functional requirements: AWS1.1 welding process, welding non-destructive testing.

General Manager
“I have always had kind, helpful service and each issue has always been handled with care, integrity and professionalism. Each representative that has been to our building, whether delivering ink cartridges or coming to service our printer has been helpful and informative. ”
Product name: Metal locker
Material: galvanized sheet
Process: Laser cutting and CNC stamping
Surface treatment: Powder coating
Functional requirements: outdoor products, high weather resistance requirements, passed 200 hours of salt spray test.

Department Manager
“I would recommend CNCT and their great staff to anyone in the industry. They are always willing to go the extra mile to find the best value, and give the best solutions to fit our needs.”
Applied Technology

Laser Sheet Metal Cutting

Powder Coating

Sheet Metal Panel Bending


Material Used
CNCT sources its materials from major Chinese factories adhering to national standards. All materials comply with industry requirements worldwide, and we provide detailed material certificates or third-party inspection reports.

Aluminum Sheet Metal

Carbon Steel Sheet Metal

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Why Choose YOCO
CNCT are ISO,NDT,AWS,IWE, CCS certified factory.Our dedicated and professional quality control team guarantees our products meeting the highest standards.

Competitive Pricing

We will select the best-suited production process to keep the costs as low as possible.

Short Lead Times & On-Time Production

Get your parts quicker than before. 6-day lead times for small orders.

Guaranteed Quality

QA team closely monitors the production process and checks your orders to ensure high quality.

1-1 Support

Our professional 1-1 support can help to speed up the order,lower the cost,etc.

Instant Quotes

Get your offer in a matter of seconds .Work on your own time as we are always online for you.

Project Management

Free up your time for value-added activities. Everything from quoting to production and delivery is handled by us.
Technical Certificate
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CNCT metalwork is a member of YOCO international. CNCT have been in metalwork in China since 2007.
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Leave your information or upload your drawings, and we will assist you with technical analysis within 12 hours. You can also contact us by email directly:

*Please upload only jpg, png, pdf, dxf, dwg, step files. Size limit is 25MB.