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Structural steels can be defined as the ready parts that are used for construction operations. It is easy to say that structural steels have a broad range of application areas. From dams to aircraft, structural steels are preferred by engineers because of their superior mechanical properties.
Structural steel fabrication is the process of bending, cutting, and modelling steel to form a structure. For structural steel fabrication pieces of steel are put together to make different structures that are usually of predefined sizes and shapes. It is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge, skills, and resources to complete successfully.
Certificated factory
YOCO are ISO, NDT, AWS, WPQR, IWE certified factory.Our dedicated and professional quality control team guarantees our products meeting the highest standards.
 International Institute of Welding
 American Welding Society
 Nondestructive Testing
 WPQR and WPQ certificates
 WQTR certificates
Our strength
Plant Environment 
Jiangmen Yoco Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of steel structure manufacturing.
The factory covers an area of over
15000 square meters, has over 100 employees, and has 4 production lines. We have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. We have world-class equipment,
Provide services such as turning, milling, drilling, drilling, cutting, bending, rolling, welding, etc. We have professional engineers to provide you with solutions to solve your problems.
Skilled craftsmen have years of professional manufacturing experience and understanding, and are able to manufacture according to specified tolerances.
World-Class Equipment 
Comprehensive Equipment, Superior Capabilities.
YOCO has been in the business since 2014. We are one of the very few companies that have the capabilities to provide a full range of metalworking products and services to customers worldwide.
We are able to provide a wide range of custom metalworking, especially high precision fabrication and machining from the medium parts to large complex assemblies.
Laser Cutting Machine Laser Cutting 8 sets 1KW-10KW
Laser Tube Machine Laser Cutting 2 sets 3KW-10KW
CNC Lathe Machine Turning 30 sets MAX OD 120mm
CNC Machining center Machining 4 sets  
CNC gantry milling machine Milling 2 sets  
CNC Punch Machine Hot Forging 20 sets 60-80 tons
CNC Bending Machine Bending 15 sets 60-300 tons
Hydraulic press Machine Hot&cold Press 5 sets 315-500 tons
Rolling Machine Threading and Diamond Rolling 2 sets  
Welding Manipulator Welding 5 sets GMAW/GTAW

Professional Service Team 
 Quality inspection
ISO 9001:2015 certified YOCO utilizes ongoing employee training, automation, continuous process improvement and innovation to maximize the quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of your components.
Parts are carefully examined throughout the production process at multiple quality control checkpoints and all shipments are thoroughly tested and inspected before they are released to your facility. As a result, our team has been able to consistently maintain a nearly 0% external part reject rate that has enabled many of our customers to eliminate the costly and time eroding process of inbound part inspection.We have 2
AWS certified inspector and 6 welders qualified to AWS specifications.We have Nondestructive Testing team.
 Sales team
YOCO have 10 sales manger, The sales team are fluent in English and knowledgeable in metalworking, who are familiar with all the procedures of manufacturing and export.When the success of your business depends on the ultimate in quality control, precision, timeliness, and service, you can trust your metal working needs to YOCO.
 Experienced technician
YOCO have 15+ advanced technical and management manager, Most of them have more than 10 years experience in the metalworking . They are capable to optimize the design and technical schematics. To offer the most time and cost efficient solutions.
Structural Steel Fabrication Process 
The structural steel fabrication process involves multiple stages. This process requires skilled and experienced technicians who can take raw components and transform them into quality products. Each of the processes is discussed below.
Stage 1 – Ideation, blueprint and shop drawings

Stage 2 – Cutting, bending and drilling

Stage 3 – Engraving and assembly

Stage 4 – Shipping preparation and component finishing

Stage 5 – Site delivery and erection
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Application of structural steel fabrication 
in construction 
Structural steel is a high quality material and many applications depend solely on it for its construction. Its application area include;
 High-rise buildings
 Industrial Buildings
 Residential Buildings
 Parking Garages
The Good Choice for structural steel fabrication 
We are a full-service structural steel fabrication company that works with organisations all over the country to create high-quality fabricated metal products with an exceptional customer experience.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer both end-to-end structural steel fabrication and sub-contracting services. We have been chosen by global for structural steel fabrication solutions for over 10 years, and our plan is to keep it that way with guaranteed quality every time!

To learn more about the work we do or to get started with your next project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team on +86 13536034040 or at info@cnyoco.com


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