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Custom processing, sheet metal, machining, factory display.

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Our factory, especially good at #sheet metal fabrication, #CNC #machining, #steel structures, #metal enclosure / box or metal tank customize and other #metalworking.

A good factory will have a complete production follow up process, including #business department, #merchandising department, #technical department, #production department and #QC department. Yes we have all these.

Actually we are sheet metal #fabricator and #OEMs supplier.

If you want to know more about the layout of our factory, please check out the 3D model link of our factory below.

YOCO INTERNATIONAL founded in year 2015, together with our subsidiary company CNCT and Foxtonn focus on metal fabrication、sheet metal、CNC machining、enclosure、metal parts、aluminum fabrication.

CNCT metalwork is a member of YOCO international. CNCT have been in metalwork in China since 2007.
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Sheet metal fabrication

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